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Puck Amnesty

We're running low on our KTM pucks

Published on: 30/10/19 09:09:am

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In September 2018 we took delivery of 400 orange logo’ed pucks purchased jointly between OMC and the KTM Centre. 12 months later we are down to around 120. We did expect a reasonable loss rate due to their attraction, however, we didn’t think that nearly three quarters would “disappear” quite so quick. They aren’t cheap to buy and we will need to replace them by next year.
Therefore we are offering a “Puck Amnesty” asking for people that may find they have accidentally acquired one under their seat or in the top box or those who have accidentally acquired a set of 6 being used as coasters on their patio set to return them, no questions asked.
A “Amnesty Bin” was considered but no doubt some clowns would put knives and firearms into it by mistake
Thanking you all in anticipation of your co-operation

Baysie – Chair OMC