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OMC AGM 2018

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Published on: 01/03/18 09:30:am

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15th February saw the 13th AGM of Oakley Motorcycle Club held at Oakley Club. We had 143 people present, which was a record number. Sadly the AGM commenced with a minutes silence for member Darryl Souza from Rushden who lost his life following an accident riding back from the Ride to the Wall event on 7th October.

During his speech the Chairman reflected on the successes of 2017 with a closing membership of 454 again the 5th year in succession that the membership has been mid 400’s. Also during the previous summer there had been 3 evenings whereby over 300 motorcycles had been in attendance which was a record, as was the number of hot rods and custom cars that attended the American theme night.

Various awards and presentations were made during the evening. Andy Olney from Luton was voted Member of the Year 2017 for his ride out leadership and involvement in training lead and tail end riders as well as hardly missing a ride out. The famed Pillock of the Year award had 9 nominations, most of whom had no idea they had been put forward, the winner being Jackie Jones from Rushden.

2018 looks set to be yet another very busy year, the first major ride out being our annual Easter Egg run on Easter Sunday visiting several locations to deliver eggs in Beds and Northants

Thank you to OSSC for providing another excellent buffet and to all those members who attended.

Roger Bays “Baysie” – Chair OMC