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June Update

The goings-on of June 2017

Published on: 09/08/17 04:39:pm

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June started with the BMW theme night which was cancelled due to the weather and postponed to 29th June, however the following week was the re-arranged Italian theme night and a glorious sunny evening after a few days of wet and damp weather made for a record two wheeled attendance at OMC. In total 321 motorbikes were counted during the course of the evening smashing our previous best in May which stood at 292. The evenings winner was Graham WATKINSON with his 1979 Laverda Mountjuic 500.

A big thanks to Ducati Cambridge who brought some new bikes over for viewing and some goodies for the winner.

The next week was the British night with, as we would expect, some quality examples of British bikes. Mark Woods walked away with the winning £50 food and drinks voucher with his IOM TT Classic prepared Seeley Gold Star 500 Mark 2 which was one vote ahead of Phil Hardman and his 1959 Triumph who in turn was a single vote ahead of Norman Lorton and his 1923 Norton (see photos)

A big thanks this time to Pure Triumph for attending with some new British metal to display and with some goodies as prizes for the top three bike owners.

The final Thursday in June saw yet again a wet evening and yet again the postponement of the BMW theme evening.

I can only conclude that the English Weather Gods dislike German motorbikes!

Baysie – OMC Chair