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John Sedgwick - Memorial Ride Out

OMC pay tribute to John Sedgwick, one of our ride out leaders who sadly passed away in August

Published on: 11/09/16 08:10:pm

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John Sedgwick - Memorial Ride Out

On Sunday 4th September 2016, 27 Bikes (plus 7 pillions) took part in a memorial ride for John Sedgwick, one of our much appreciated ride out leaders, who sadly passed away on the 4th August 2016.

The route included some of John’s all-time favourite roads. It was lovely to have Karen, John’s wife attend the ride out with us.

Thank you to Steve Eaton who put the ride together, Andy Olney (Lead) and Dave Sims (Tec) and a big thank you to all members who joined us for this ride out.

Photos from the memorial ride out can be viewed on the gallery at http://www.photos.oakleymc.net/index.php/JOHN-SEDG... and a video paying tribute can be viewed by clicking on the image at the top of this article.